Virtual Book Tour stop for December Moon by Suzy Turner

Today I would like to introduce you to Suzy Turner who is stopping off at Jera’s Jamboree as part of her virtual book tour tolaunch December Moon (Part II in The Raven Saga).

Hi Suzy,

The Raven Saga is a fantasy journey written for children and young adults. For readers who may not have read Part I (Raven), please would you share with us a brief synopis:

Absolutely! After the inexplicable disappearance of Lilly Taylor’s parents, she has no choice but to move to Canada where she unravels some frightening yet intriguing family secrets…
Her whole life had been based on a lie. Lilly had grown up in a loveless home with a father who she had barely ever seen and a mother who was… well, not very motherly.
After they mysteriously disappear without a trace, Lilly is sent to Canada where she finds a whole new way of life. A life filled with love and people who care for her. But that’s not all she discovers, Lilly also finds out that she isn’t who, or what, she thinks she is.
Lilly has a very special ability and it’s just a matter of time before her true self starts to shine. And when it does, her life will never be the same again.
Raven is a fantasy novel for children and young adults set in the beautiful province of British Columbia.

December Moon is Lilly’s one and only friend in the UK. I wanted to find out more about her as the brief introduction we have to her in Raven intrigued me. Was it always your plan for December Moon’s story to be told?

Not at all! December Moon didn’t actually exist in the first draft of Raven. It was on the advice of a friend (who happens to be a school teacher), that perhaps I should introduce a friend for Lilly, that she was created. The moment she stepped into that school room, I loved her. She’s so quirky! But it wasn’t until after I wrote Raven that I realised I wanted more for her character.

What was the inspiration behind The Raven Saga? Where did your ideas come from?

The inspiration came in Powell River… the place where The Raven Saga is set. It’s a town in British Columbia, Canada. A couple of years ago, I travelled all over western Canada with my husband and some friends. I totally fell in love with the country but it wasn’t until we were sitting having a picnic in a small bay in Powell River that I realised it was the perfect spot for supernatural tales. It was gorgeous, mysterious and eerie… I loved it!

What can readers hope to experience as they follow December Moon on her journey?

I hope they will enjoy the story as much as Raven, if not more. I actually had more fun writing December Moon as there are some fabulous new characters and a bit more action. Raven was more sombre as Lilly made all those frightening discoveries, whereas December Moon is about them coming together in the supernatural world.

How did December Moon’s character take shape? How did she become real for you?

I have to say she was quite an easy character. She’s so quirky and fun, even though she was brought up in an environment with a horrible aunt, she was pretty much left to her own devices so she’s quite grounded. The second I introduced her to the world, she became very real to me. I had such a strong image of her and when I found that photo for the cover, I was so excited because that was exactly how I saw her: unusually pretty with huge blue eyes.

Did you listen to any playlists as you were writing the Raven saga?

Oh yes! I love to listen to music that’s a bit eerie, if that makes sense. I’m isnpired by songs from certain movies, too. Here is a short list of some of the songs:
Cry Little Sister by Aiden (well known from The Lost Boys OST)
Dreamland album by Robert Miles
Dreaming by Aurora
I Fall by Carol Tatum
Bella’s Lullaby from Twilight
Honor Him from Gladiator OST
Cancao do Mar by Dulce Pontes (this is actually featured in Raven)
Paper Wings from Hope Floats OST
Flightless Bird from Twilight OST
Premonition by Klaus Bedelt from the Premonition OST
Eloi by Klaus Bedelt from The Time Machine OST
Raven by Lisa Marie Presley
Possibility by Lykke Li
Is This Real, Practical Magic & Amas Veritas from Practical Magic OST
Caged, Neverending Story, Deceiver of Fools & by Within Temptation
Theme from Harry’s Game by Clannad
Pretty much anything by Roberto Carlos Nakai

Sorry, I got a bit carried away there. I love music and I find it so inspiring. There are so many more I listen to but I ought to stop here!

Where is Raven and December Moon available to purchase?

Amazon, Smashwords, ibooks, Barnes & Noble. All good online retailers!

And finally, is there another story to be told in The Raven Saga?

Yes… the third and final instalment in The Raven Saga is called The Lost Soul and should be out in February 2012.

Thank you for spending time with us today and we wish you success with all of the titles in the Raven Saga J

I’ve had a great time! Thank you!

More information about author Suzy Turner:

Although Suzy is a Yorkshire lass at heart, she left her home town of Rotherham, UK, to move to Portugal with her family when she was ten.

The Algarve continues to be her home, where she lives with her childhood sweetheart and husband of 13 years, Michael, and their menagerie of dogs and cats.
Suzy’s career began soon after completing her A levels when she was offered the position of trainee journalist for a local English newspaper. Her love of writing developed and a few years later she moved on to become assistant editor for the region’s largest English language publisher. Since then she has also worked as the editor of one of the Algarve’s most loved monthly lifestyle magazines. Early in 2010 however, she began her real journey as an author. Suzy writes both YA urban fantasy and chick lit.
Visit her website, read her blog, find her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

You can read my review for Raven here.


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  1. Oh it is great to see Suzy here, she is a fabby person. I loved her debut novel, Raven. Suzy, congratulations and hoping you sell zillions of copies and make your books no 1 everywhere…..! Hugs xx

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