the secrets between us by Louise Douglas

Bantam Press • General & literary fiction
Publication Date: 07/07/2011 • 464 pages • Royal Octavo • ISBN: 0593067088
Territory: UK C/Wealth + EU ex Can • EAN: 9780593067086

Synopis from Books at Transworld:  

A chance encounter: When Sarah meets dark,brooding Alex, she grasps his offer of a new life miles away from her own.They’ve both recently escaped broken relationships, and need to start again.Why not do it together?

A perfect life: But when Sarah gets to thetiny village of Burrington Stoke, something doesn’t add up. Alex’s beautifulwife Genevieve was charming, talented, and adored by all who knew her. Andapparently, she and Alex had a successful marriage complete with a gorgeousson, Jamie. Why would Genevieve walk out on her perfect life? And why has noone heard from her since she did so?

A web of lies: Genevieve’s family and allher friends think that Alex knows more about her disappearance than he’s lettingon. But Sarah’s fallen in love with him and just knows he couldn’t haveanything to hide. Or could he?


the secrets between us is my third book in ‘The Transworld Book Group Reading Challenge’ 

When Sarah and Alex meet in a hotel on the south coastof Sicily, Sarah is feeling numb from the trauma that has rocked thefoundations of her world.  There is amystery surrounding Alex’s wife who has gone away.  Sarah feels drawn to Alex’s son Jamie, experiencing maternalfeelings for him.

We get to find out about Sarah’s relationship withLaurie and the fact that she has never had a personality of her own – she hasalways been seen as Laurie’s shadow as he has made all the decisions anddominated the relationship.

Alex and Sarah meet again in Sicily on a tour whereAlex suggests to Sarah she lives with him to look after Jamie ………….. so ontheir return, Sarah moves from Manchester to a village in Somerset where she isnot accepted and shunned.

What follows is an amazing story full of suspense,intrigue and nail-biting moments as the story of Alex and Sarah’s love unfoldsamidst the mystery surrounding Genevieve’s disappearance.

Sarah and Alex’s love is innocent and accepting.  The secrets are exposed layer upon layer,which only serves to bring more darkness and uncertainty.  Their passion and its undercurrents arepowerful to be drawn into.  By creatinga journey shared, the power of the past to wound and scar is blunted andcompartmentalised.

The setting is exactly what you would expect to createthe mood.  We have the remotely locatedhouse, the old and big empty barn, the family and villagers not accepting anoutsider and when the story peaks, the wintery landscape.

Louise Douglas’s writing of the scenes is descriptive(but not flowery).  You get to feel thetwigs snapping below your own feet as you walk and the wind howling through thecracks in the windows.  She buildstension by using short sentences, which only spur you on to read faster to findout where your imagination is being taken. The psychological/mind game scenes had the hairs on the back of neckbristling and I had goosebumps!  I wasliterally sitting on the edge of my seat totally focussed.

Everything is by inference (which I thoroughlyenjoy).  I loved using the hints andintrigue to try to guess ahead of time where they would lead, to draw my ownconclusions.  We don’t find out anythingconclusive until near the end of the story. I did not guess until the words were in black and white in front of me.

Due to the strong emotions I experienced, I know thesecrets between us will stay with me for a very long time.

I don’t think there will be any surprises when I say Iam giving the secrets between us my highest rating.  This one is definitely a book you should loathe to share for fearit won’t be returned – it’s a keeper to be re-read!

This is Louise Douglas’ third book – I now have theother two on my wishlist.

You can find out more about Louise on her webpage.  Louise is also on Twitter


5 thoughts on “the secrets between us by Louise Douglas

  1. Thanks Carole. I know I read a lot of 'romance' but I do love to read anything that prompts strong feelings! I know this is one you are going to enjoy 🙂 x

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