Introducing the Light Direction novel series by Ces Creatively (Loftus)

Today I would like to introduce you to the exciting andunique series of novels ‘The Light Direction’.

The concept of this novel series created by author Ces ISunique – not only is it an intriguing story with everything you want to find inan absorbing read (love, passion and betrayal with a supernatural theme!) butit also supports small businesses.


Ces has written real businesses and products into the storymaking it a sensory brand.  Productshave been specifically designed for The Light Direction …….. bringing to lifethe sights, sounds, smells and tastes in the story.

The Story

The Light Direction novel series has a theme of love,passion and betrayal.  It features alove triangle with lots of supernatural twists.  Intrigued?

Ces says:
“I wasinspired to write the book series when my husband bought me a gorgeous bespokenecklace with three hearts on it from Rachel Lucie for our anniversary inFebruary 2011.
We hadbeen through a tough couple of years and came out the other side smiling as weworked together, kept believing we could achieve our dreams and createdinnovative ways to use our experience and abilities to help others.
Thenecklace meant something special about us still being in love and finding theright path, a light in the dark times to get us where we want to be despite theobstacles that were placed in our way.”
Howcan you find out more?

Youcan download an exclusive introduction consisting of two chapters linked to The Light Direction. It’s free and I can guarantee you will be intrigued!
Theexclusive introduction includes:
  • Information about the supported small businesses
  • Meet the Characters (amazing graphics as well as text!)
  • Two linked chapters – the first ‘Light Sands’ is written from the perspective of character Jeremy White, the second ‘Changing Landscapes’ is written from the perspective of lead character Emma Williams
  • Exciting giveaways

You can follow The Light Direction on Twitter and on Facebook.  

Keep watching The Light Direction blog for more information

Author information:

  • Ces Loftus is a mum of three from Poole, Dorset. Her fourth son was still born at full term and she almost died too. Following a series of  miscarriages, losing her business and facing eviction she has overcome adversity on many levels, building a successful cyber careerand channeling positive energy into writing the novel series called The LightDirection.
  • As a multitasking mum of three boys Ces wrote and designed almost everything to do with this project at night.


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