The winner of Sophie’s Turn is ………………..

Nicky says:

They’re all such good entries with fab reasons.  I’ve gone back and forth between John Tesh, Pink, Dolly Parton and Bryan Adams (and that’s covering most of them, actually).

After much soul searching and tearing my hair out… I’m going to have to go with…

Dolly Parton and Sheriann’s entry. I love the ‘retro’ aspect of this entry–and also Dolly Parton is a great singer and actress.  “Working Nine To Five” is one of my all-time favourite songs and films, and Sophie and Rachel would definitely approve of this choice!  🙂
Well done! 




2 thoughts on “The winner of Sophie’s Turn is ………………..

  1. Congrats from me, too! But thanks also to everyone else for their interest and entries. It really was a tough choice, and I'd have loved for everyone to get a copy. Still… Thank You!
    Much love from
    Nicky :-)x

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