Shaz’ Stars interviews Author Lun Kikogne

In the hot seat today I would like to welcome:
Hello Lun, thank you for letting us have a peek behind thescenes.  Your sun sign is TAURUS.
  1. Taureans are well known for being persistent and determined once they are motivated.  Is this a trait you access while writing?  Do these energies see you through to the end of a writing project when others may give up? 
A.    Yes, once I start workingon something, it’s nearly impossible for me to stop until I’m done. My newestbook, Wars of Times: The Gods of Times, took me 4 years to write. During thattime, I had to deal with college courses, work, and other aspects of my lifethat weren’t going so well, but something just helped me focus and keep workingand working until, at long last, I had completed the manuscript. I guess youmight call it “sheer Taurean determination.” Ha ha.

  1. The negative side of being persistent and determined is being inflexible.  Have there been times when you should really have given up on something that isn’t working but have persisted and then been frustrated?
A.    It’s funny you shouldmention that, Shaz, because I’ve been labelled “inflexible” on more than oneoccasion. But the truth of the matter is, it’s not really that I’m beinginflexible, it’s just that sometimes people keep changing their minds again andagain about a project, and what happens at the end is that they never actuallyget started, or if they started, they never finish it. So, sometimes I thinkit’s best to have one idea and just go through with it no matter what happens.

  1. Stability and predictability make a Taurean very happy.  A writing career doesn’t hold any of those things.  Do you ever worry about the practical side of your chosen career?  What strategies do you use to overcome any fears you may have?
A.    Well, I believe creativityis a strong trait among Taureans. Thus, I’m not so much worried about thestability of my writing career, as I am about my ability to continuously createnew art, devise new plots, and entertain readers (as few as they might be).That is what drives me, and as long as I can still create something new, Iwon’t be worried about my career choice.

  1. Taureans like comfort but not clutter around them.  Where do you do your writing?  Do you surround yourself with things that make you feel comfortable and bring you pleasure? What does your workspace look like?
A.    Well, one day, hopefully, Iwill be doing my writing in a spacious room with a large glass-window embracingthe morning sunlight on the second floor of a four-bedroom house. But rightnow, I do all my writing on the raggedy carpet of a small, cramped room withmouldy white walls near the accursed railroad tracks!! Oh, wait a second … justsaw a roach. I’ll take of it.

  1. Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus.  Venus represents love and relationships (amongst other things).  Is love an important theme in your writing? 
A.    Alright, I’m back (darnroach got what was coming to him!!). So … love? Of course, love is EVERYTHING!!It’s because I love that I write, and ineluctably there’s a great deal of lovein all my writings. In my book, Wars of Times: The Gods of Time, the main herocreates a time machine, whose excessive usage subsequently causes the breakingdown of the space-time continuum and the impending destruction of Earth by ablack hole. Still, the force driving his action was the strong love he had forhis beautiful wife, who had met an untimely death and who he had sought tobring back to life with the use of his time machine. Indeed, love is everpresent in everything that I write–especially in my poems.

  1. We all need something in our lives that is our outlet from the stresses and strains of daily living. Taureans are very practical people with a love of the earth.  How do you relax away from your writing?  Do you enjoy gardening/spending time with nature as a form of stress therapy? 
A.    No, I do not enjoygardening particularly. And when I look at a lump of earth, I just want tomould it into a vase, a cup, or something. My creative impulses are such thatif you see me standing in nature just “relaxing”, then I’m probably holding abrush in my hand and having a canvas in front of me, because I’m probablypainting said nature, you know, trying to capture its everlasting beauty oncanvas. (Painting is something I love to do and a hobby that always relaxesme.)

  1. Charlotte Bronte and supposedly William Shakespeare were also born under a Taurean sun.  Which authors have inspired you on your path?
A.    Of the two, Shakespearedefinitely had the biggest influence of me. It was from him that I learned howto write sonnets. However, I always think of the Greek philosopher Socrates asmy favourite Taurus (His precise date of birth is not clear, but he’s presumedto have been born on May 20th). Interestingly, for all his wisdomand long-lasting legacy, he never wrote a thing!!
Thank you for an interesting interview Lun.  

Lun is a showcased author with Loveahappyending which is an interactive reader/author website.  Visit Loveahappyending to find out more about this brilliant project and how you, as a reader, can support them.
Author’s Bio:
Lun was born in Cameroon,Africa. After graduating from the Government Technical High School, he moved tothe U.S. and pursued a computer science degree. He currently lives inCalifornia, where he is studying for his Bachelor’s degree. In the Spring of2011, he won the Allan Hancock College Writing Contest.

Wars of Times     
  • Publisher: (28 Sep 2010)
  • Language English
  • ISBN-10: 1450260942
  • ISBN-13: 978-1450260947

IN THE TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY, humankind mastered the art of time travel. The event itself is now so commonplace that travelling through time feels as easy as jumping in your car and heading to the grocery store for sugar. Everyone is doing it-causing a problem in the physical makeup of our universe in the process.
Like a worn-out road, spacetime itself is wearing out, as well. The fabric of spacetime is literally breaking, causing black holes to begin appearing out of nowhere-above the kitchen table, in a stadium full of people, in your very own bathroom. The black holes threaten the existence of humanity, and humanity’s own behavior is to blame.
Enter Neil Kappa, a young man on the sidelines, watching his world crumble and break. Neil possesses strange abilities-abilities that he can use to save the earth and its inhabitants. But will Neil be allowed to save the world? Or will he be killed by the wrath of the Gods of Time, who warned mortals of the misuse of time travel?

Twitter Account @lunkikogne:


3 thoughts on “Shaz’ Stars interviews Author Lun Kikogne

  1. What I find utterly amazing Shaz, is that you draw up a star chart and then ask the perfect questions to draw out what is the very essence of the person. There is no hiding from you (laugh) and when you read my chart I felt I was an open book to you! Lun is a fun guy and writes about an interesting time period – you made that stand out perfectly! Great interview and great answers Lun!

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