Touched by the Light by Linn B Halton

Touched by the Light
Linn B Halton
Synopsis from Amazon:
Mya finds it hard to believe that she has just died. She clearly remembers being in a lot of pain and a sense of panic going on around her, then nothing but a bright, comforting light and the pain quickly being replaced by a state of calm and tranquillity. But what now? Mya wants to talk to people, find out how her friends and family are, but there s no one around to help – until she suddenly finds herself chatting to Laurel. 

Laurel has what she sees as the dubious gift of being able to communicate with spirits, and when Mya bowls in, desperate for some answers, Laurel’s life is turned upside down. Her relationship with boyfriend Dan is already in a fragile state, she’ s unsure about her chosen career, and now there’s a bewildered, feisty young spirit getting in the way. As Mya flits around Laurel and Dan’s lives, unable to control how and when she appears, unexpected psychic connections are made and the course of true love takes a detour no one could have predicted.

I found ‘Touched by the Light’ to be an unusual and thought-provoking novel of love/romance and logically unexplainable connections.
Written in the first person throughout, Mya starts us off on our journey as the scene is set with the theme that flows through the most of the story.  We also see the story from the perspective of Laurel and her boyfriend Dan and also Mya’s sister Sadie and a medium called Grace.
Each new section of the story has a title so at no point was I confused with who was ‘speaking’.
This is a modern love story and Linn B Halton portrays her characters with depth by examining their emotions.  We become involved not only in Laurel and Dan’s relationship but also Lennie’s love life (Lennie is Laurel’s best friend), Grace’s love life and Mya’s family.  We get to identify with the characters through how they express themselves.  In reality, we are usually drawn to other people on a heart level because they provide something we think we lack in ourselves – they are our ‘mirror’ and this theme is quite central to the characters. 
You don’t have to have any previous knowledge or belief in the spiritual world to be drawn into the story.  There are explanations that will enhance your enjoyment!  Even though this is quite a ‘deep’ topic, there are a few fun moments, for example when Mya is frustrated while ‘being’ in Dan’s company.
The writing flows and we are led on to each new level at the right time. There is a balance of emphasis between ‘life after death’ and the romance.  It really is not a heavy read!
I only have one criticism  ……………..and that’s with the paper the book is printed on – it is so white that my eyesight found it hard to adjust to read anything else for a while.
There’s not a lot I can really say about the story itself without revealing any spoilers ……………..  I will say I hadn’t figured on what was actually happening (although I knew something was because of the unusual link between Mya and Laurel) or who really was the link between the characters. 
This love story is all related to how we interact despite the emotional wounds we carry and how through introspection and sharing we have the capacity to become whole.
If you want a love story that has depth and soul then this could quite possibly be the book you are looking for.
I would like to thank the author for sending me a copy to review.
Linn B Halton is one of the driving forces behind the new project at loveahappyending, which is supporting new authors.  Launch date is 29th June.  You can download a recent radio interview.
Linn has her own website where you can find out all about her and the projects she is involved in.

2 thoughts on “Touched by the Light by Linn B Halton

  1. I'm currently reading Linn's e-book on my Kindle 'It's Oh So Easy To Be A Sceptic' and love her natural storytelling. I'm looking forward to reading 'Touched By The Light' next. Thanks for the review.

  2. Thank you Shaz for your kind words and the depth reflected in this review. Because it was my first novel, it will always have a special place in my writing 'heart'. I missed the characters so much when I finished the story, that I have brought one or two of them back in another manuscript just to finish off their own plot lines. Writers need feedback and you are one of those reviewers who read, digest and then form an intelligent appraisal of what a book entails. I wish you would write the synopsis of all my manuscripts awaiting publication – you do it so much better than I could. 75,000 words and I'm happy – 2,000 words and I'm 'are you kidding me……'. Laugh. And thank you for being a part of the dream. You are an example of an excellent Associate Reader – honest, impartial, active and supporting. We will all grow with people like you on board. Thank you. Linn

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