Being Billy by Phil Earle

Faces flashed before my eyes. And for every face there was a time that they had let me down. Each punch that landed was revenge, my chance to tell them I hadn’t forgotten what they did. Eight years in a care home makes Billy Finn a professional lifer. And Billy’s angry – with the system, the social workers, and the mother that gave him away. As far as Billy’s concerned, he’s on his own. His little brother and sister keep him going, though they can’t keep him out of trouble. But he isn’t being difficult on purpose. Billy’s just being Billy. He can’t be anything else. Can he?
Although this is a young adult/teen book, straight away I have to say I absolutely loved this story.  Any book (that isn’t of the romance genre) which involves you so much that you cry ………………. has to have something special about it!
Having worked in the past on the streets as leader-in-charge for a youth work project and for the past ten years working in schools, I can tell you for certain that Billy’s story is the real deal – real life.  
The blurb gives you all the background you need and to which the story is built around.  I found Billy’s story easy to read and easy to identify with – it is sensitively written.  All the characters are well-rounded and have depth and you feel yourself supporting Billy – even when he’s lashing out in anger.  It’s easy to feel the depth of his emotions – I just wanted to mother him! 
Some of the things that happen might make you feel uncomfortable but that will probably be your response to things you don’t want to think about or acknowledge! This is a story that may take you out of your comfort zone ………..  which we all need from time-to-time!
I really enjoyed ‘watching’ Billy change and grow.  Billy is ………………….  Well, just being Billy isn’t he? 
You can find out more about Phil Earle and upcoming events on his blog.


5 thoughts on “Being Billy by Phil Earle

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