The High Heeled guide to Enlightenment by Alice Grist

Alice Grist explains her work as ‘a modern Woman s introduction to a world of spirituality and alternative thought’. What it actually does is re-unite the modern, commercially afflicted female with the concepts, ideas, beliefs and practices of the Earth Mother within. Grist clearly explains that there is no need for ditching the comforts of home for a life of solitude in a damp cave far, far away in order to improve well-being and developing spiritual integrity. It can be as simple as a change of mind or heart, taking on one thing that resonates can lead to a myriad of improvements. This book goes a long way to bridge the gap between the ‘land of confusion’ and a place of infinite possibilities. –Kate Osborne, Editor, Kindred Spirit Magazine


This book is one I would love to have had in my possession when I started out searching for a sense of belonging 28 years ago!

Full of humour and ‘down to earth’ (no really, it is!), it’s Alice’s modern day quest to find healing through a spiritual journey that although is very personal, is also written for her readers to do their own ‘research’ – to experience for themselves the myriad paths that are available for seekers. 

You won’t find any technical words that you know absolutely nothing about – everything is explained.  Observations and insights will prick your subconscious and get the wheel turning.  It certainly made me remember books I have on my shelf from years ago that I need to re-read in light of my own experiences along the path (Awakening the Buddha Within springs to mind).

My favourite has to be Alice’s own experiences!  She is honest and open and not afraid to relate when she has found it a struggle.  I have to admire her for the section on Kabbalah – I gave up at the first hurdle and have never gone back to it.

Synchronicity is something I strongly believe in.  I had been feeling that I was neglecting my spiritual life.  Alice’s book came at the right time for me – it’s made me realise that I am practising my chosen spirituality every day.  Just because I have books unread on my shelves, does not mean my soul is not being nurtured.

Whether you have only just started feeling restless, feeling something is missing from your life – or have been searching for a while, I would recommend this book.  It’s reminded me of a request I have to make to the universe ……………………….


You can join ‘Soul Café’ which is Alice’s network in relation to The High Heeled guide to Enlightenment.  I have been a member since November 2010.  You will find forums, groups, blogs and friends.  Why don’t you make a visit!

Alice’s second book ‘High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living’ is out at the end of July.  You can pre-order on Amazon.  You can also join the Facebook page.


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